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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Positive comments for success

It should be taken as a positive comment. It is not meant to undermine anyone. We all learn sometime. English may not be our mother tongue, but when we do use it we must use it properly and clearly.

If the main aim is to build the image of Bangladesh, then all contributors should make sure that before it is put out in the blog as a document that is to be read by many the language it is written in must be clear and correct. My suggestion before someone puts out an article it is better that there is some clearance or checking done. As it is all about building the image of Bangladesh. After, which the business and other things will happen.

Moin khan
Managing Director, Metutude Asia Ltd.


1. I would like to be a member to this great initiative. I think we alsoneed to promote more positive news than negative ones. However, somenegatives open our eyes to wrong doings and that allows us to correctourselves. -Ziaur Rahman, CEO , International Institute of Technology & Management

--We believe we will keep negative inside, and will show positive outside. In the member, you're open to add any negative opinion. -Blogbd team.

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